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Angela Mestre

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  • MD, MPH, MBA

Angela Mestre

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Houston, Texas, United States

Hi, my name is Angela and I am thrilled to join the wonderful Nia teacher team at Studio NiaMoves. Here is my story of Nia:

As the years passed, my dancing passion dimmed as other activities took the place. Yet the desire to express myself through movement never completely dissipated. After I moved to Houston in 2000, I was taking a new career path while getting culturally and socially oriented. One career achievement after another, I found myself still struggling with self-esteem and confidence. Would accent correction class help? Yes. Would a career advisor help? Somewhat. Would another Master degree help? Maybe. Would Toastmasters club help? Absolutely. I tried them all and each gave me a little something to add to my portfolio, but I felt that my desire of self-expression was taken over by the tendency of an over-achiever and my dancing itch only got a release once in a long time through clubbing.
I was introduced to Nia in 2008 through a chain of events started with witnessing Helen Terry and a group of beautiful ladies barefoot dancing on Jones Hall’s velvet carpet to Loreena McKennitt’s music at her concert. Many Nia classes with Helen and the wonderful teachers at Studio NiaMoves later, I found Zumba; Three years of teaching Zumba shaped me up, but the thrill and excitement filled Zumba formula also put a toll on my body.
One morning after waking up with tight shoulders and aching back again, I decided to pickup Nia and Yoga and get certified to teach Nia. I joke that I am chasing my childhood dreams since they are more affordable nowadays. Dance is the language of the soul. At age 38, I thought I was honoring a gentle yet insistent longing to dance again.
The Nia White Belt training with Stephaney Robinson at Sullivan Island was a wonderful experience! I was so happy with the transformation I witnessed in my body and mind. When I was free-dancing, the dancer I was meant to be became unstuck. Deeply held emotions found their way to the surface through fluid movement, enlightened faces, and the simple joy of movement.

Dancing Nia brought back the balance that I longed for in my life. The repetitive yet dynamic motions forced me to quiet my mind, sharing my passion with people defeated my fear of being in the spotlight again. And I knew if I continue to groove, I can traverse the longing and doubting to arrive at a fresh place, a place of renewed love, strength and hope. This reinforced my determination to move beyond my past and into a new life, one in which self-confidence would supplant fear and in which joy would root out self-doubt. Self-Improvement starts with self-acceptance, I must accept that I am good enough, and start to share the gift of Nia. I must dance, and I invite you to groove along.
Please join me on my regular Nia class on Thursdays at 6:30pm, and check out my other fitness classes at Let’s dance!


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