Angela D'Orazio

Angela D'Orazio

  • +46-708 775 483

My Credentials

  • Inspired Nia Teacher & Events Organizer, Brown/Blue/Green/White Belt, Creative Movement for Kids, The Body's Way, The 52 Moves/IT Training, the Nia 5 Stages, Classic Massage Therapist, CNO, Master Blender, Icon of Whisky, World Distiller of the Year 2015.

Angela D'Orazio

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
, Stockholms län, Sweden

♥️Hey there - this is AMORE! 

Nia has given me a direct link to my own happiness, and I love giving it away to my community.
I am so grateful for the self discovery journey of Nia, both a true inspiration to move and great medicine for my body, mind and and soul.
I love the nia attention to the details of the human body and the movement to fabulous music it offers. I love to inspire others to move in their own way, to heal and feel great while doing so.

The nine movements forms of Nia are giving me access to my personal power through the martial arts, my expressiveness fully takes room in the dancing arts and the real comfort I feel in my body shines through in the healing arts.
The conditioning and fitness, are nice bi products.

Otherwise in my daily life, I am a whisky blender, now working with whiskies since 25 years. I love my life and the diversity of it.
"When I count my blessings, I count you twice", says an Irish proverb. I dearly love my partner and all my family with mum, nieces, children, friends & fab Nia colleagues all over the world. And since I plan to move and teach at least until I'm hundred, we still have around a half century to go together.

Please step into my Nia world, a  warm WELCOME.



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- Nia with Angela, Classes & Courses 

In Stockholm, Dansstudio 1, Frejgatan 43, Stockholm city.

  • Wednesday classes, 17.00, January 18th - May 31st, 2017, 18 times
  • Sunday classes, 17.00,  January 15th - May 7th, 2017, 13 times

Kurser /Courses:

Onsdagar/Wednesdays, 18 classes, 1x week, 2160 sek
Söndagar/Sundays, 13 classes, 1x week, 1800 sek 

If you want to change day, no problem, just tell us before.

Kombinationer av Kurser/Combination of Courses:

Ons/Sön (Wedn/Sun) 31 classes, 2 x /week, 3040 sek

Klippkort/ Class Cards:
Test card/ Prova-på-kort,  5 gg/ times         800 sek   (Giltigt 2 mån från startdatum/ Valid 2 month fr start date)
Card 10 gg/ times    1500 sek   (Giltigt i 4 mån/ Valid 4 month fr start date)
Card 15 ggr/ times      2025 sek   (Giltigt i 5 mån/ Valid 5 month fr start date)
Card 20 ggr/ times       2600 sek   (Giltigt i 6 mån/ Valid 6 month fr start date)

Dropin 180 sek
Livelihood 100 sek
 (gäller ej Workshops/ not valid on Workshops)

Anmälan, frågor info gällande dropin/kurser/events: eller till 0708-775 483.
Betalning:  BG 5553-7435 (JomTrade) eller på SWISH på 0708-775483. 

Mer info & villkor hittar du under varje klass på My Classes/ More information, terms & conditions are available, read more under each section of My Classes.

To register to a class dropin, to a course or to an event: please mail to, text or call +46- 708-775 483.

In Gävle, Korpen Sporthuset, Bergsgatan 41, Gävle - NEW LOCATION!!

  • Måndags klasser, 19.50, 16e Jan - 15e Maj 2017, 1a gången gratis (16/1), kursstart 14 gg 23/1

Gå till Korpen för mer info, eller läs mer under måndagsklassen under My Classes/ ​Dropin and course is available directly through Korpen. Read more under My Classes.


- Nia with Angela, Events & Workshops 2017:

Wednesday January 18, 17-19 at Dansstudio1, Sthlm:

✅ Spring Start, a Nia introduction & New routine Immersion Workshop

  • 17-18 Nia introduction & deep dive into a new Nia Routine SACRED - 1st hour is free of charge
  • 18-19 SACRED Nia Class (Cost 180 kr dropin. This day is also a part of the courses or use your class card)

Open to all, beginners & nia lovers. Read more under My Events.

Saturday February 25, 15-17, at Allaktivitetshuset i Sundbyberg:

✅ The Nia Concious Movement Free Dance Workshop.

Welcome to a Nia Free Dance Concious Moves Workshop with Angela D'Orazio, certified Nia Free Dance DJ and a Brown Belt Teacher.

Come enjoy the soul stirring music and to move your own body, mind and soul for two hours, in a guided 100 minutes session.

Open to all. Read more under My Events.



August 11-18, 2017
✅ 1st International Nia Dance Camp, Croatia, (Nia Adria)

Welcome to an extraordinary Nia dance summer experience together with Nia- people from all over the world, on the enchanting island of Hvar, Croatia. For a week in August, we will meet, dance and enjoy ourselves.

Program: A Nia class every mid morning and evening. Come enjoy moving, then sink into the beautiful Croatian scenery while having plenty of time to swim, relax and just be you. Living in apartments in Vrboska, close to everything and ideal for soaking in the warm evenings in the garden spaces/terraces. Join if you like our excursion, to explore some of the island’s hidden treasures. To see more is otherwise an any day option, local buses easily takes you around Hvar.

Enjoy home cooking or eat out; great bars & restaurants are close. Various food, fresh fruit & vegetables are found both in the market and in the food shops, all within a short walking distance. 

Date: 11-18 August 2017 Price per person: 320 EUR for all participants, dancers & non dancers.

Leaders of Nia Adria Dance Camp 2017 is Kinga Brezina, The Shift Studio, Budapest, Hungary and Angela D'Orazio, Nia Stockholm, Sweden. 



TO REGISTER TO ANY DROPIN, COURSE OR EVENTS: Mail to Angela on or text or call to +46 (0)708-775 483.

FOR PAYMENTS:  BG 5553-7435 (Jomtrade) or Swish 0708-775 483. Paypal is also available for foreign guests.



Let me know if you would like to create your own a workshop, or a class for your private group, or to take your work colleagues on a somatic movement experience, I would love to assist in customize that: or call me on 0708-775 483.








My Locations

Location Link
House of Shapes
Hornsgatan 103, Stockholm, ST, SE
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Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this location
Söders Källa Gävle
Södra Kansligatan 22, 802 52 Gävle, Sverige
view this location
Allaktivitetshuset i Sundbyberg
Sturegatan 10, 172 31 Sundbyberg, Sverige
view this location
Mackmyra Whiskyby/Whisky Village
Kolonnvägen 2, Gävle, Sverige
view this location
Folkets Hus Sundbyberg
Sturegatan 12c, Sundbyberg, Sverige
view this location
Vrboska Village, Hvar
Vrboska, Kroatien
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Marcusplatsen, Nacka, Sverige
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Korpen Sporthuset Gävle
Bergsgatan 41, Gävle, Sverige
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My Nia Classes

Day(s) Timesort icon Location Link
Monday 7:50pm - 8:50pm Korpen Sporthuset Gävle
Bergsgatan 41, Gävle, Sverige
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Wednesday 5:00pm - 6:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
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Sunday 5:00pm - 6:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.