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Angela D'Orazio

  • +46-708 775 483

My Credentials

  • Inspired Lic. Nia Teacher, Retreat & Events Org, Black Belt, Lic. Free Dance Conscious Movement DJ, Lic.Co-Active Coach, Lic. Classic Massage Therapist, Master Blender, Chief Nose Officer, Icon of Whisky, World Distiller of the Year 2015.

Angela D'Orazio

Nia Black Belt Teacher
Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Welcome to the most joyful, playful and mindfull movement form I know about - and to my personal Nia classes, retreats & events page.
All here is with me, Angela D'Orazio, and sometimes, my lovely co-creators. The stuff below is as you can see, written in both Swedish and English.

SUMMER STOCKHOLM,  2019 - Courses & Classes/ kurs & klass, with Angela:


    - Tues/Tisd, July 2nd, 18-19.30, Dansstudio1, Frejg.41
    - Thur/Torsd, July 25th, 18-19.30, Dansstudio1, Frejg.41
    - Thur/Torsd, Aug 1st, 18-19.30, Dansstudio1, Frejg.41

    Sommarkort 600 kr, dropin 220 kr eller få klasserna rabatterade vid köp av höstkurs! Klippkort 2 ggr per klass.
    Anmäl dig till på el på sms till 0708-775 483. Läs mer under fliken på My Classes /Read more under My Classes.
  • Nia i det Fria i Gävle! SOMMARKLASSER UTE i Mackmyra whiskyby med Angela

    - Månd/Mon, July 22, 18-19.30
    - Månd/Mon, July 29, 18-19.30
    - Tisd/Tues, Aug 13, 18-19.30
    - Månd/Mon, Aug 19, 18-19.30
    - Månd/Mon, Aug 26, 18-19.30

    Sommardans i Gävle 650 kr eller 150 kr dropin. Visning av destilleriet efter klassen om det finns intresse eller enbart visning, det ingår i klassen, annars 150 kr. Uteklassen blir inställd endast vid tyngre regn. Anmäl dig senast samma dag till el på sms till 0708-775 483. Läs mer under fliken på My Classes /Read more under My Classes.

HÖST/AUTUMN STOCKHOLM CITY,  2019 - Courses & Classes/ kurs & klass, with Angela & Co
-----> UPPDATINGS ARE NOT YET 100 on all the pages...but all written here for now- so ask if you need to know!

- ONSDAG klass/ Wedn, STARTING Aug 14th!!

Wedn 17-18, Course & Dropin Classes 18 x times @ Dansstudio1, Frejg.41. Klasser mellan/ between 14/8- 18/12, 2019 (no class on Oct 30) Read more under My Classes.

Welcome to the Nia Free Intro 17-18 and a class experience 18-19, Dansstudio1, Frejg. 41. Limited space to the class, book in good time time! Read more soon, under My Events.

- SÖNDAG klass/Sund, STARTING SEPT 15th!!
Sunday 17-18, Course & Dropin Class, 11 x times @ Dansstudio1, Frejg.41.
Classes between 15/9 - 15/12 (no class 22/9, 6/10 + 3/11) Read more under My Classes.

- FREDAG 90 min/ Frid, STARTING SEPT 13th!!
Fredag/Friday 18-19.30, Course & Dropin Class 9 x times 90 min @ Danscompagniet, Fridhemsg.28, Fridhemsplan. 
Classes on the following dates: 16/8,13/9, 25/10, 8/11, 15/11, 29/11, 6/12 + 13/12. Read more under My Classes.


  • NIA RETREATS 2019: 

    - NiAdria in Croatia 2019: Aug 2 - 9, 2019- with Angela & Kinga Brezina, Black Belt 1st degree, Studio Shift in Budapest.

    - Joy Dance Camp Retreat Tuscany 2019: Sept 29 - Oct 5, 2019. 

    Read more below for each retreat, and under My Events.

-----> Plats /Venue 1: Dansstudio1, Frejgatan 41, Sthlm city (Onsd & Sön 17-18)
---> Plats /Venue 2: Danscompagniet , Fridhemsg.28 41, Sthlm city (Fridays 13/9 - 13/12, 2019, 9 times)

Read more below and under My Classes & My Events. 
Läs mer om priser mm nedan, eller under de separata flikarna här på My Classes och My Events.


Nia i det Fria! SOMMARKLASSER UTE i Mackmyra whiskyby
med Angela, Gävle

- Måndag 22 juli 18-19.30
- Måndag 29 juli 18-19.30
- Tisdag 13 aug 18-19.30
- Måndag 19 aug 18-19.30
- Måndag 26 aug 18-19.30


Pris 150 kr. Visning av destilleriet efter klassen om det finns intresse, kostnad 150 kr om man dyker upp enbart till visningen, ingår annars i klassen. Uteklassen blir inställd endast vid tyngre regn.
Anmäl dig samma dag på el på sms till 0708-775 483.
Läs mer under fliken My Classes/ Read More under My Classes.

GÄVLE, HÖST 2019 - klasser & kurser, med Angela

  • MÅNDAG /Mon 19.50-20.50 (x11 klasser)

    ----> Prova-på kostnadsfritt (gäller med anmälan) på Korpen, månd 2 sept 19.50- 21.10

    Kursstart 11 klasser, månd 9 sept - 16 dec, 2019, på Korpen Sporthuset i Gävle, Bergsgatan 41.
    Ej klass vecka 40-42 och 48.
    Pris 1100 sek, betala direkt till Korpen, anmälan till prova-på och till kurs till
    Read more/ Läs mer under My Classes.

    ---> Plats: Korpen Sporthuset, Bergsgatan 41, Gävle. Läs mer om varje klass under fliken My Classes.


***** EVENTS & WORKSHOPS *******




*NIA Retrats & Travel:

 -  NiAdria in Croatia 2019: Aug 2 - 9th - with Angela & Kinga Brezina, Studio Shift in Budapest.

The International Nia Dance Camp Croatia, August 2-9, 2019

Welcome to an extraordinary Nia dance summer experience together with Nia-people from all over the world, on the enchanting island of Hvar, Croatia. Hvar is long known for its many aromatic lavender flowers and curative healing powers, its sparkling blue sea and the jewel villages along its coast lines. 

For a week in August, we will meet, dance and enjoy ourselves in the small village of Vrboska, with its own beaches and beautiful coves, bars & restaurants, fresh food market and great croatian wines.

Program 2019:
A Nia class every mid morning and evening. Come enjoy moving, then sink into the beautiful Croatian scenery while having plenty of time to swim, relax and just be you. Living in apartments in Vrboska, close to everything and ideal for soaking in the warm evenings in the garden spaces/terraces. Join if you like our two excursions, this year a joyful little biking tour to Jelsa with lunch (4/8), and/or the nice slow walk from Hvar from the ”Lavender Village” (6/8)- all to explore some of the island’s hidden treasures. To see more is otherwise an any day option, local buses easily takes you around Hvar. See the more detailed schedule on NiAdria’s web page!

Enjoy home cooking or eat out; great restaurants & bars are all very close. Various food, fresh fruit & vegetables are found both in the market and in the food shops, all within a short walking distance. 

Date: 2-9 August 2019 
Price per person: 400 EUR for all participants, dancers & non dancers.

The price includes: 7 nights (arrival on the 2nd, leaving on the 9th), accommodations in shared apartments with 2-3-4 persons bedrooms, 9 Nia classes + the Nia Camp Jam. NOT included in the above price are travel, meals and transfers. The day excursions are optional and non included, additional costs can be bike rental (ca 150 kunas), bus ride (ca 40 kunas) and own meals/lunch/drinks.

Registration = Mail to Angela + All payment before June 15th. 
For International payments, use Paypal to For Sweden payments, use Swish 1235517602 or BG 5553-7435 (Jomtrade).

Leaders of NiAdria Dance Camp 2019 is Kinga Brezina, (Lic. Black belt, 1st degree) The Shift Studio, Budapest, Hungary and Angela D'Orazio, (Lic. Black belt) Nia Stockholm, Sweden. Active Nia teachers are much welcome to teach a song on the Nia jam on one of the evenings. 

For registrations & information: or Angelas mobile +46-708 775 483.

For traveling to Hvar, we recommend flights to Split. Transfer from Split airport to the Hvar ferry + ferry ride to Hvar (ca 2 hours ferry ride), are both easily booked online, let us know if we can help with any info needed. * No Nia classes will be held on the mornings of the excursion days. Read more on


*** Joy Dance Camp Tuscany Retreat 2019, Siena 28 Sept- 6 Oct ***

Welcome to another extraordinary Nia dance experience - in one of the most beautiful places to be found.

We will move, dance, breathe and enjoy ourselves in just a stone’s throw from the ancient town of Siena - a historical place known for its magnificent landscapes and its healing sunshine. A week spent side by side with incredible art history, great architecture and world reknowned Tuscan local food & wine. 

We will be staying at the beautiful La Scheggiolla, outside of Siena; once an old lime mill and now a lovely private house, with a big garden and great own bio salt water pool, a superb kitchen and just a few rooms to accommodate us all.
Our host Antonella & her staff will take really good care of us, with their great tuscan cuisine all included. Two of our dinners will also be served in the family restaurant in Piazza del Campo, at the very heart of Siena. 

We will enjoy Nia every day in the beautiful garden and in the dance studio of the house. One of the days, we will immerse in the natural hot springs at Rapolano SpA and a fine wine tasting at one of the nearby castles is also on the schedule, plus one of the days, a lovely hiking excursion to the nearby monastery of Pontignano. Join us if you like; to see more is otherwise an any day option; local buses easily takes you into town or around Siena. In between the joyful daily Nia classes & fun dance jams, there will be lots of time to enjoy and explore, stay and relax, or go and do; to Siena or Florence for exhibitions or markets, fashion shopping, or again, just hang by the pool or in the garden. Get your massage, play ping-pong, rent a bike, go for a walk or lay by the pool with a book.

Program 2019:

Enjoying Nia every day and some days we'll have one longer 90 min class and some 2 classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Come enjoy moving with us, then sink into the beautiful Tuscan scenery while having plenty of time to be as active as you like; or relax and just be.
Enjoy the moment; living in La Scheggiolla makes us perfectly close to everything, if you like to explore more, otherwise the place is an ideal for soaking in the soft autumn in the garden space. 

For the last Saturdays and Sunday, the weekend of 5-6 Oct, we will have a secret Nia teacher guest star, leading the retreat's grand finale together with Angela.

Retreat Date: Saturday Sept 28  - Sunday Oct 6, 2019.

Early Bird €1050 EUR, until April 15th
Easy Bird €1150 EUR April 16- July 31st
Late Bird €1200 EUR from August 1st

The price includes: 8 nights accomodiations with arrival on the 29th and departure on Oct 6th, with accommodations at La Scheggiolla in shared 2 or 3 persons bedrooms. We will have at least 10 hours of Nia plus a final Joy Jam led by Angela together this year's secret Nia teacher guest star.  
All meals & drinks are included with soft drinks and wine/beer of choice, and two of the dinners will be at the restaurant in Siena. The hot springs/SpA visit at Rapolano Terme, the hiking excursion to Certosa di Pontignano with drinks, one massage and a wine castle excursion is also included.

Transfers from Siena to La Scheggiolla and back are included on arrival/departure days, the Rapolano SpA/ natural hot springs, wine excursion tour and dining eves in Siena, all other transfers or travel are not included.

Flights can best be taken to Florence, Pisa or Rome, pls ask us for more info, we have lots of experience on how to get around here.

For the registration fee payments in Sweden, pay through Swish 0708-775483 or BG 5553-7435 (Jomtrade). 
For international registration fee payments, please ask Angela for full bank address details.

€250 of the registration fee is non refundable. 

Leader and Nia teacher of Joy Dance Camp Retreat 2019 week is Angela D'Orazio, Lic. Nia black belt, Nia Sthlm.
For the last weekend of the retreat, Angela will co-lead together with a secret Nia teacher guest star.

For registrations & info: or call Angela D’Orazio on +46-0708 775 483.





- ONSDAG x 18 gg 17- 18, 2240 kr (Dansstudio1, Frejgatan 41)
- SÖNDAG x 11 gg 17-18, 1700 kr (Dansstudio1, Frejgatan 41)
- FREDAG 90 min x 9 ggr (13,5 tim) 18-19.30, 2100 kr (Danscompagniet, Fridhemsgatan 28)


* Ons/Sön x 29 klasser (27 timmar), 3250 kr
* Ons/Fre x 18 + (9x90min) klasser, 3180 kr
* Sön/Fre x 11 + (9x90min) klasser, 2500 kr

* TERMINSKORT ALLA KLASSER x 29 + (9x90min), Ons/Sön/Fre, 4460 kr


DROPIN/ CARDS/ KLIPPKORT STOCKHOLM, priser fr om 1a juni 2019
- DROPIN per klass: 200 kr
- FEM klasser x5 (900 kr, prova-på, 2 mån. giltighet)
- TIO klasser: 10x (1750 kr, 4 mån.giltighet)
- FEMTON klasser: 15x (2100 kr, 5 mån.giltighet)
- TJUGO klasser: 20x (2750 kr, 6 mån.giltighet)

- TIDSKORT/TIME CARD!! Lägg till 6 månader på ditt klippkort (600 kr), på ett redan köpt eller på ett nytt kort (närsom i tid, men att kortet har inte löpt ut) Läs mer om de olika kurserna och villkor under fliken My Classes på var och en av klasserna. 

-SNÄLLRABATT STOCKHOLM: 25% till Pensionärer, Sjukskrivna och Studenter vid köp av klippkort på 15 el 20 ggr ggr vid uppvisande av ID-handlingar.

ANMÄLAN & INFO: Anmäl dig via mail ( ), Messenger (Angela D'Orazio) eller via Mobil 0708-775 483. 

BETALNING: Kurser & dropin, välj 1) SWISH 123 55 17 602 eller 2) Bankgiro BG 5553-7435 (firma Jomtrade), eller 3) CASH, kontant jämna pengar, vid dörren. 
För betalning till kurser i Gävle, betala direkt till Korpen Sporthuset på Bergsgatan 41.

INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS: Ask for PAYPAL and more information.

Anmälan & Betalning för Nia i Gävle, anmäl och betala direkt till Korpen på, och betala till bankgiro 232-7245 eller direkt till receptionen på Korpen Sporthuset, Bergsgatan 41.
För dropin i Gävle, betala före varje klass i receptionen. 



All klasser är även dropin /All nia classes are also dropins. 
Kursdeltagare har alltid prio, övriga kommer in i mån av plats, först till kvarn osv. 
Kostnad: kurser se under varje flik,  dropin 180 kr, anmäl dig/kolla med Angela om det finns plats genom sms (0708-775 483), via Messenger (Angela D'Orazio) el via mail (

IN ENGLISH: Pls check with Angela for dropin availabilty, by text messagge on +46-708-775 483, on Messenger (Angela D'Orazio) or on - Licenced Teacher dropin 160 kr

*   *   *

Vill du ha Angelas Nia Nyheter? Maila till Vill du inte ha nyheterna längre? Sänd oss ett meddelande så tar vi bort dig.

Lägg till dig på Facebooksgruppen Angela D'Orazio Nia, Nia Stockholm och Nia Gävle för mer om vad som händer inom området blandat svenska och engelska / Add yourself to the facebook group Angela D'Orazio Nia, Nia Stockholm and Nia Gävle for more info from us all teachers in Stockholm, in English and Swedish.

För privata Nia-klasser, företagsgrupper eller för bokning av workshops, resor eller för privata somatisk rörelselektioner, kontakta mig för en offert om kostnad och om vad vi skulle vilja skapa ihop, på
If you would like to have a private class, a group session for your company, your work or for group of friends, create workshop or a somatic movement lesson? Give me a shout and I'll get back for a dialoge on what we could create together, on

Välkommen! Benvenuti! Welcome! Bienvenue!



I am a happily married, half Swedish/ half Italian person, in love with with my life, my works & passions, my family and my Nia community. A playful Nia dancer since 2010 and a travel retreat organizer, a coach/mentor and a whisky maker in my daily life too, loving the diversity of it all.

REDAN HÄNT ...Already Occured Events.

FREDAG 8 Mars - Nia & Yoga på Kvinnodagen, med Angela & Helena, kl18-20. Hjärtligt välkommen på en inspirerande kvinnodagsafton för kropp, knopp och själ! Kom och hylla Kvinnan i dig fredagen 8 mars kl.18-20 tillsammans med Angela D'Orazio, Lic. Nia Black belt och Helena E. Källgren, yogalärare - i ett nytt unikt samarbete.  Här fokuserar vi på den goda kraften som finns i oss alla och ger den näring. Genom dans, rörelse, skratt gemenskap, stillsamhet och mjuk yoga kan vi hitta ett mer inkännande varande och fylla på med den livsenergi vi så väl behöver! För alla, nybörjare och vana med Nia och yoga. 

Välkommen på Nia-introduktion & kursstart på Dansstudio1 med Angela. Under den första timmen presenterar vi Nia och dess filosofi samt värmer upp och testar några av de 52 rörelserna i Nia, till just Nia-musik. Ställ dina frågor och prova på lite koreografi och guidad fridans. Kostnadsfri första timme. Under den 2a timmen dansar vi en regelrätt Niaklass- från fokus & intention med uppvärmning och lägre puls till högre puls med dans- och självförsvarsrörelser och till sist skön nedvarvning, eget omhändertagande avslut med själfull stund med yogarörelser och stretch.

The Life Force Playshops with Elisa & Angela in STHLM & GÄVLE:
In STHLM, Sat Oct 20, 17.30-19.30, or in GÄVLE on Fri Oct 19th, 18.30-19.30. Playshop with black belt sisters Elisa Risquez (Nia Winchester) & Angela D'Orazio (Nia Sthlm) at Dansstudio1, Frejg.41, Sthlm, or in Gävle Strand, Redarg.11. Move and be moved, sustain and increase your life force energy in this playful playshop.

Joy Dance Camp 2018, Tuscany, Siena, 29 Sept-6 Oct. An extraordinary Nia dance camp experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world; Siena, Tuscany, Italy. We move, breathe and enjoy ourselves just outside of the ancient town of Siena with its magnificent landscapes, the incredibly rich art history and great architectures. A Nia class every morning and evening. See more pics & read more on the event on Nia Stockholm Facebook or under My Events

PROVA-PÅ i Gävle, måndag 27 aug 19.50- 21; kostnadsfri klass för alla, nybörjare och niaälskare, på Korpen Sporthuset i Gävle, Bergsg.41. Anmälan till Korpen, maila på anmä

NIA INTRO & a taste of FLOW , Torsd/Thur 23 Aug, at 19.30-21.30, Dansstudio1, Frejgatan 41, Sthlm City. Kostnadsfri intro första timmen, sedan 100 sek för klassen som startar 20.30.  Read more/ Läs mer under My Events.

NiAdria in Croatia, July 29 -Aug 5th, 2018. An extraordinary Nia dance summer experience together with Nia- people from all over the world, on the enchanting island of Hvar, Croatia. Read more on the 2019 event under My Events.

SUMMER JOY Workshop with Flow, 120 min; Ons/Wedn 25 Juli/July, 18-20, Dansstudio1, Frejgatan 41, Sthlm City.

THE HAPPY HEARTS CLASS, The Shift Studio, Budapest, Thursday 15 feb, 17.30-19. Welcome to come and dance your Happy Heart with Angela & Kinga at the Shift Studio in Budapest on Tursday feb 15th. A 90 min long class filled with joy, play, movement & magic, fun and mindfulness.​ 

​THE FIVE SENSATIONS OF NIA WORKSHOP, Saturday 17 Feb, 11-14, Stockholm. Angela and Kinga are usually leading the relaxed Croatian retreat NIAdria on Hvar together, here instead co-leading this three hour playful workshop deepening the learning of the five sensations of Nia.​ Enhance your fitness, deepen your sensations on all levels and get in your dance as you isolate and integrate all the five sensations.Venue: Allaktivitetshuset i Sundbyberg, Sturegatan 10, Sundbyberg.

INTRODUKTION TILL NIA, STOCKHOLM CITY, 10 Januari kl17-19. Nia Intro Workshop & Klass onsdag 10 januari:​ 17-18 Gratis Nia Introduktion, 18-19 Nia Klass AO, 180 kr dropin el 1 klipp. Ingår i vårens onsdagskurser.Plats: Dansstudio1, Frejgatan 41, Sthlms City.



My Locations

Location Link
Allaktivitetshuset i Sundbyberg
Sturegatan 10, 172 31 Sundbyberg, Sverige
view this location
Årsta Folkets Hus
Årsta torg, Stockholm, Sverige
view this location
Fridhemsgatan 28, Stockholm, Sverige
view this location
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this location
Marcusplatsen, Nacka, Sverige
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Folkets Hus Sundbyberg
Sturegatan 12c, Sundbyberg, Sverige
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House of Shapes
Hornsgatan 103, Stockholm, ST, SE
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Korpen Gävle Strand
Redargatan 11, Gävle, Sverige
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Korpen Sporthuset Gävle
Bergsgatan 41, Gävle, Sverige
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La Scheggiolla
Pievasciata, Siena, Italien
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Lido Sports centre
Hyde Church Lane, Winchester SO23 7DZ, Storbritannien
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Mackmyra Whiskyby/Whisky Village
Kolonnvägen 2, Gävle, Sverige
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Saga Motion
Mariatorget, Stockholm, Sverige
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Söders Källa Gävle
Södra Kansligatan 22, 802 52 Gävle, Sverige
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The Shift Studio
Budapest, Andrássy út 35, 1061 Ungern
view this location
Vrboska Village, Hvar
Vrboska, Kroatien
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My Nia Classes

Day(s)sort icon Time Location Link
Monday 7:50pm - 8:50pm Korpen Sporthuset Gävle
Bergsgatan 41, Gävle, Sverige
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Monday 6:00pm - 7:30pm Mackmyra Whiskyby/Whisky Village
Kolonnvägen 2, Gävle, Sverige
view this class
Tuesday 6:00pm - 7:30pm Mackmyra Whiskyby/Whisky Village
Kolonnvägen 2, Gävle, Sverige
view this class
Tuesday 6:00pm - 7:30pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this class
Wednesday 5:00pm - 6:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this class
Thursday 6:00pm - 7:30pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this class
Friday 6:00pm - 7:00pm Danscompagniet
Fridhemsgatan 28, Stockholm, Sverige
view this class
Sunday 5:00pm - 6:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this class
I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.