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Alex Procuta

Alex Procuta

  • +64 21 659 219

My Credentials

  • Blue Belt Nia Teacher, Bachelor of Management Studies, GradDip Anthropology

Alex Procuta

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

Hi! I'm Alex and I started teaching Nia in 2015.

Being a lover of dance from a very young age - classical ballet, jazz ballet, Scottish country dancing and modern dance - I was always looking for new ways to explore moving in my body. But it wasn't until I found Nia that I truly felt at one with myself in dance and movement. I felt the full realisation of expressing myself through my body. It gave me an incredible sense of freedom; freedom to move and to be who I am, which in turn has been very healing.

I love to embody this in my class and give some of what I experience to my students. My joy is to see others finding that pleasure, the spark and connection, of being in their body and being freer in their body! Having been given the confidence and freedom to move in my body's way has been very empowering and a real gift. Now it's my turn to spread this joy. Join me in class and we'll have some fun!

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.