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Alenka Bajc

Alenka Bajc

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Alenka Bajc

Boxmeer, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

I took my first lesson in March 2013 and have been teaching Nia since July 2014. I teach Nia 4 times a week now. I met Nia in my local gym 3 years ago. I was doing my usual workout in a fitness centre and saw a Nia class advertised on the board in the gym, it was the owner who was doing the classes and I was curious to see what it was all about. So I took my first step and went for my first class. My body loved it but my mind rebelled. I loved that it moved every fiber of my body but for my mind there wasn’t enough structure to follow so I didn’t go back for my second class for months. I went back as my body was complaining about all the all too repetitive and static movements I had been doing while working out. So I went back to Nia in September 2013 and this time both, my body and my mind fell in love with it.

I did my white belt in March 2014 and taught my first first Nia class just 3 months after. Teaching Nia has helped me grow, I am a very shy person, and it gave me confidence and it opened me up and made me want to share it and talk about Nia to others. I experience continuous energy flow while transmitting the joy of movement and to pass it on. When I prepare for a routine it gives me peace and it centres me and Nia feeds my creativity, too.

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.