NeurologyNow Magazine - This Way In: Nia for Parkinson’s Disease

NeurologyNow April/May 2013

Date Added: May 3, 2013

By Olga Rukovets | NeurologyNow Magazine :: April, 2013

"It was like a light bulb turned on. We realized that Nia was a perfect fit for our Parkinson’s disease patients because it incorporates movement, rhythm, vocalization—and it's fun. Also, Nia aims to take advantage of the brain's ability to adapt—even to injury and disease—throughout life."

Amy Lemen, Program Supervisor of the Edmond J. Safra Parkinson's Wellness Program

Neurologists are studying the link between mind-body practices and positive changes in mobility and stress levels. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease(PD) are enthusiastic about the benefits they are experiencing from Nia practice. Some people with PD say Nia has helped them with balance, strength, endurance, and vocalization. Anecdotally, Lemen says, they are hearing a lot of stories from participants about their increased confidence in mobility, as well as the benefits to depression and anxiety. “They're getting a sense of ‘I can do this,’” in the Nia group.

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