Caldera Spas: Twenty-minute Renewal - Sitting Well: Improve Posture with these Ten Healthy Habits

Sitting Well

Date Added: January 25, 2013

By Tara Rayburn | Caldera Spas: Twenty-minute Renewal :: January, 2013

"Is sitting making you sick? Seriously, think about how many positions you might find yourself in throughout your day that could lead you down a path of chronic neck pain, bulging disks, even digestive disorders. "

Tara Rayburn

This story lists Nia as one of ten simple habits to improve posture.

10 Simple Habits to Improve Posture

  1. Begin and end your day with chest opening and upper back (rhomboid) stretching and strengthening exercises.
  2. Set a timer every half hour and take immediate note of your posture. Relax and reposition. Please, uncross those legs and perhaps move your computer higher up.
  3. Stop using the back of your chair. Sit up straight and engage your stomach and lower back muscles.
  4. Incorporate exercise like Qigong, Nia Technique or Pilates to experience more mindfulness in your body
  5. If you use handheld electronics vary the position where you hold the device so that your head isn’t always looking downward.
  6. If you sit a lot during the day or fly on airplanes, get up every hour. Your neighbor may get irked, but your health will benefit.
  7. Choose chairs without puffy headrests that push your head forward.
  8. Take a 10-20 minute walk halfway through your workday.
  9. Use doorways for chest, shoulder and back stretching exercises.
  10. Relax and celebrate at the end of your day in a spa with a candle and inspirational music. If you can, focus the jets on your rhomboid muscles.

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