Huffington Post - Getting to the Core: Four Myths About Strengthening Your Abs

Getting to the Core: Four Myths about Strengthening Your Abs

Date Added: December 8, 2012

By Stacy Barrows | Huffington Post :: December, 2012

"Functional strength is very important for vitality and well being. Isolating muscles to strengthen them, even important muscles like the abdominals, can interfere with the way we recruit them. We need to look at how we integrate and organize our strength into our daily movements... Find a way to get to know your everyday movement better. Take a class that allows you to improve your ability to discriminate how you move, make it fun, playful and pleasurable like a Nia class."

Stacy Barrows

What exactly is the core? When I asked this of my 92-year-old mother-in-law, she said it had something to do with her abdominals. When I taught anatomy for a Pilates certification training, I decided to survey fitness and health professionals on what they felt the core muscles were.

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