WEGO Health Blog - Guest Post: Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of Nia Technique


Date Added: December 12, 2011

By Jenny Block | WEGO Health Blog :: November, 2012

"I explore what it means to live my life in a body as a spiritual, creative being. I really seek to reach a potential that allows me to feel like I am using every single day and moment for evolving myself into the best human bring I can be. I apply all the things I talk about into my life. I’m dealing with something now that could put some in a tailspin, but it gives me a chance to live my faith without worrying about tomorrow."

Debbie Rosas

"Nia is founded in the idea that fitness meant not only physical but emotional and spiritual well-being, and that pleasure and joy rather than pain and guilt produce lasting results, NIA carved new ground in the field of fitness by combining aerobic movements with T’ai Chi and other martial arts, ballet, modern and ethnic dance, and yoga.  It’s the antithesis of slaving at the gym," says Rosas.

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