CommonHealth, WBUR (Boston's NPR News Station) - Shake It Up: Nia, A Fusion Of Dance, Kicks And Spirit-Stirring

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Date Added: May 21, 2012

By Rachel Zimmerman | CommonHealth, WBUR (Boston's NPR News Station) :: May, 2012

"At moments during the class I took last week — as the sun poured in the mirrored studio, and a Kate Bush-like song called 'Japanese' urged me to connect with the sunrise — I did feel like a groovy dancer again. I got caught up in the easy flow and rhythmic momentum that I never, ever get plodding along the jogging path or, even worse, on the Stairmaster at the gym. And it seemed like all the other middle-aged women — from chubby to highly sculpted — who came to this class in Wellesley felt pretty groovy too."

Rachel Zimmerman, Former Health and Medicine Reporter for The Wall Street Journal

Former dancer Rachel Zimmerman describes her first experience trying Nia and explains how it appealed to her "inner Martha Graham."

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