Moods Magazine - Health Through Movement: How Nia Changed My Life

Jennifer Hicks, Nia Technique

Date Added: July 6, 2010

By Jennifer Hicks, Speech-Language Pathologist and Brown Belt Certified Nia Teacher | Moods Magazine :: April, 2010

"Nia broke my obsession with painful exercise, improved my body image and was the major catalyst towards dismantling my eating disorder. Because of the practice of moving my body to create pleasure, Nia taught me about self-compassion and has allowed me to be fully present during physical activity."

Jennifer Hicks

"And how did I discover this innate mood stabilizer? I believe that it’s because as I was searching for wellness, I was drawn to creative remedies. I was open to experiences that helped me feel more at home in myself. And so I was led to Nia. My secret to maintaining stability in my life is through the combination of music, movement and magic that Nia offers me. After years of battling the unidentified thief of my sanity, I reinvented my life and my body through dance, through Nia."

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