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Date Added: December 30, 2010

By Leela Devi | Spirituality & Health Magazine :: January, 2011

"Even though Nia draws on moves and concepts from a variety of different movement forms, it is easy to learn and can be adapted to fit people who are new to exercise, as well as those who are more athletic. I can show up for Nia whether I'm feeling frisky and ready to go or fatigued from a difficult day, and I always get exactly what I need."

Leela Devi

Leela Devi, a Nia instructor who's been practicing Nia for more than 14 years, talks about the many benefits of Nia – and the ways it differs from traditional group exercise classes. She explains, "The workout leaves me drenched with sweat but feeling energized, deeply relaxed, and blessed with a sense of well-being."

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