The New York Times - PERSONAL FITNESS; Said the Doctor to the Cancer Patient: Hit the Gym

2008 Press - The New York Times

Date Added: August 16, 2010

By Anahad O'Connor | The New York Times :: August, 2008

"[Cancer survivor and associate professor of political science at the University of Minnesota Wendy Rahn] founded a nonprofit group called Survivors' Training, and in January opened a fitness studio... offering yoga, strength training, Pilates and Nia, which combines dance and martial arts. 'I like to think of it as a support group that moves,' she said."

Anahad O'Conner, Wendy Rahn

"Gyms and fitness centers have begun stepping in to meet a small but growing demand for programs designed to not only hasten recovery but to address the fatigue of chemotherapy, the swelling of lymphedema and the loss of muscle tone."

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