Personal Assessment - July 4, 2011

Personal Assessment - July 4, 2011

Business PlanThe Holy Playground

By: Barb Wesson



This aspect is almost complete.  I have completed other business plans in other businesses, so this was fun.  Adding the sensation aspect to business is also different and fun.  I am bridging business with school right now, so some of my future is hazy, more hazy than I would like.  I will have to continue this balancing act for 2 more years.  I was surprised when the "intensive related expenses" rose so high at nearly 40%.  Only time will tell if this is accurate.  If it is, I need to take a look at why this is true, perhaps a conversation with HQ at that point as well.

It is my full intention to make money in this venture.  I love what I do, I love Nia.  I think Nia is the bomb!  I want to make money doing what I love.  I need to engage my community even more to support me as well.  I need teachers to inspire people to want to teach.  It is how I filled many intensives. 

I am still curious about how we will go about scheduling our intensives.  I am also seeing where my current class structure will need to be altered.  One of the bigger expenses in the NGT training has been paying out subs for my classes.  Not earning the money, and paying out the money is a double loss I am looking to avoid.

I also know that as I market myself, I will need to increase the number of workshops and traveling engagements to promote.  One thing I do know is that I have been a very successful producer for others over the years.  Now it is time to promote myself.  Growth edge.