Better Alignment, Balance & Mobility through MELT Method Roller Techniques!

Susan Creighton

Better Alignment, Balance & Mobility through MELT Method Roller Techniques!

Better Alignment, Balance & Mobility through MELT Method Roller Techniques!

Event Type: Workshop

Start: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 1:30pm

End: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 3:15pm


16651 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA, United States


$35.00 (MELT roller provided for class use. $5 credit can be applied toward optional roller purchase at workshop.)

Notes About This Event

Intro Workshop to MELT Method Roller Techniques:

Using a specialized soft MELT roller, you will learn simple self-care techniques to help reduce inflammation, rebalance the nervous system, and rehydrate connective tissue. Notice immediate changes as you improve Body Sense. MELT has also helped me as a Nia Instrcutor to effortlessly find greater alignment, balance, and mobility.

Includes MELT Facelift Techniques (as seen on The Rachael Ray Show): you will also learn how to stimulate cells that produce collagen in your skin, while restoring the skin's natural hydration from the inside out.

For lasting results, you can then practice the techniques learned in this workshop on your own at home.

Participants will be on the floor on a yoga mat for this class. Comfortable exercise clothing recommended (layered-tops, yoga pants, sweats).

*** After this workshop, we will begin weekly Move & MELT classes Wednesdays from 1:15-2:15!***

Questions? Contact Susan - or register for workshop HERE.

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Here’s what folks are saying about my MELT Method workshops & private sessions:

“This was the best hour and a half that I have spent in a long time. Susan is well informed, professional and very enthusiastic about teaching the MELT Method Intro to Hand and Foot Techniques. Her class presentation was energized, well organized and her sense of humor made for an awesome event. I am looking forward to taking her MELT Roller class!" - DL

“Great workshop yesterday. I am so glad I came! The true test was how I felt this morning. I feel great! I am sold.” -BK

"What I was hoping to get from [a similar] workshop, I got from yours. When I practiced last night it was helpful that you were so thorough. I could hear your directions as I was practicing.” -JA

"I'm enjoying my roller & get up 15 mins earlier to MELT before leaving for work” -BM

“You are an excellent instructor. It would be great to take another class from you.” -VC

"The session was terrific!! There are no words to adequately tell you the difference it made.  I want to see how I feel tomorrow and then I plan to start a daily program. I told my husband about it and I am encouraging him to call you for a private session." -LH

"I can't wait to take my next session with you. My hips, flexors, nd back all feel great! NO PAIN! Just what I need for balance ..." -RF