Pelvic Floor : Foundation to a Strong Core

Pelvic Floor : Foundation to a Strong Core

Julie Wylie

Pelvic Floor : Foundation to a Strong Core

Pelvic Floor : Foundation to a Strong Core

Event Type: Workshop

Start: Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 1:30pm

End: Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 3:30pm


1701 Toomey Road, Austin, TX 78704, USA


Sliding Scale Fee $30-$40 (pay what you can)

Tickets available through EventBrite.  CLICK HERE.

Notes About This Event

Explore Pelvic Floor Suspension : Your Foundation to a Strong Core

A healthy pelvic floor is crucial for men and women at all stages of life. Bringing tone and vitality to muscle and connective tissue this area is fundamental to overall core health. 

This workshop is appropriate to men and women. 

In this workshop learn how: 

  • -a strong pelvic floor helps relieve lower back pain and shoulder tension
  • -a supple pelvic floor improves balance
  • -to stimulate and activate deep muscles and tissue integral to suspension 
  • -to apply "The Body's Way" knowledge to "Your Body’s Way” 

Call for info: (512) 791-6597    $30 - $40 sliding scale event                                                                        

Gain these tools:

  • -5 developmental moves to feel better
  • -anatomy of the pelvic floor & core
  • -greater ease walking (gait training)

Experience:  Pilates Technique and Nia Technique movement to increase body knowledge. 

Bring:           your curiosity, water, a yoga mat and hand towel.

Dress:          comfortably enough to move arms and legs. 


Julie Wylie & Shannon Rashap, MA

Shannon Rashap, MA Biomechanics and Movement Specialist, Certified Pilates Teacher, Active Stretch Therapist             Shannon combines personal instruction with hands-on guidance to help clients integrate their knowledge with a heightened physical awareness.

YouTube Link from Shannon: Connecting movement of your femur to the muscles of your pelvic floor exercise. CLICK HERE.

Julie Wylie Nia Training Faculty Member and 1st degree Nia Black Belt Teacher, Conscious Personal Trainer                               Julie combines her passion for personal connection with holistic body knowledge to inspire clients, through pleasure & play, toward feel better right choices.