Cathy Ferris

Cathy Ferris

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Cathy Ferris

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

I've been in love with Nia since my first class in 2001.  I left that first class relaxed and energised, and from one class to the next I saw changes in my body. I became more coordinated, more mobile and more confident in the way I moved. And, it never got boring. I told everyone I met about this new thing I’d found called Nia, and now, 14 years later, I still do!

For years I was a part of a large, active Nia community in Houston, Texas.  Moving to Aberdeen has been amazing in so many ways, not least bringing Nia to this part of Scotland.  We are a growing community with at least three others who will start teaching soon, so hopefully we'll have more and more classes available!  My classes are full of wonderful people, and the joy, energy and community they bring has enriched my life.

Please subscribe to my monthly newlsetter here if you'd like to know about Nia in Aberdeen!  Also, I love an excuse to organize special events outside of regular class time, so if you're visiting Aberdeen and want to take a class, please get in touch! 


My Locations

Location Link
The Space Upstairs
253b High Street, Burntisland, Fife, UK
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Maritime Museum
Shiprow, Aberdeen, Aberdeen City AB11, UK
view this location
Cowdray Hall
Schoolhill, Aberdeen, Aberdeen City AB10 1JX, UK
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Centre Yoga and Wellbeing
First Floor, 64-74 Park Road, Hartlepool, UK
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RGU: Sport
Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, UK
view this location
Elphinstone Hall
7 Elphinstone Road, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
view this location
Cults Academy Sports Complex
40 Quarry Road, Cults, Aberdeen, Aberdeen City AB15 9TP, UK
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Augustine Church
41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.