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My Credentials

  • RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, BFA Acting

Brooke Mallon

Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States

When I first found Nia, I was hyper-critical, annoyed by happy people, and living entirely in my head.  Fighting with my body for years, with Bulimia Nervosa mixed with restricting and yo yo dieting; I felt hatred towards my body, blaming my body for being the only reason I wasn't living life successfully. 
Frozen in fear, I was using my body and my obsession with food as an avoidance from life and my emotions all together, as avoidance of feeling my pain, as avoidance of feeling anything.

Even though I was taking classes with a room full of other students, my Nia practice always felt intimate and personal, that I had permission to move with whatever emotions that presented themselves and move however felt best to my body.  In doing so I discovered a deeper respect for all of my emotions and for my body as a whole.  I felt that I didn't have to ignore, hide, or apologize for any of my emotions or apogize for my body.  In fact I began to discover an appreciation for it.  Through Nia, my emotions became pure creative energy that inspired the color and feeling of my movements which felt like a living body of art even when I experienced criticsm, frustration, anger or agitation; I began to experience the Joy of Movement!

My Nia practice continues to propel my evolvution as a woman.  Nia reminds me that whatever I'm feeling now, is just a moment in time that I can acknowledge and dance with it; I get t choose my response to it.  Nia brought pleasure back into my life, especially in my relationship to my body and to food, in a way that is truly satisfying, that is no longer shameful or secretive.  I am able eat all of the foods I love and move in fulfilling ways through trusting my body's messages and equally respecting the voices of pleasure and of pain, in honoring my inner GPS while still engaging into life. 


My Nia Classes

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Sunday 3:00pm - 4:00pm Full Lotus Yoga
20365 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, United States
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Saturday 9:45am - 10:45am Inner Door Center
317 E. Eleven Mile Rd., Royal Oak, MI, US
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.