Angela D'Orazio

Angela D'Orazio

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  • Inspired Nia Teacher, Brown/Blue/Green/White Belt, The Body's Way, The 52 Moves/IT Training, the Nia 5 Stages, Classic Massage Therapist, CNO, Master Blender, Icon of Whisky, World Distiller of the Year 2015.

Angela D'Orazio

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
Sundbyberg, Stockholms län, Sweden

HEY, NIA IS NOTHING BUT AMORE!!! Created a direct link to my own happiness, finding home in my body, my mind, my emotions & spirit. Nia has given me an amazing everyday awareness and I'm very excited to be sharing it with my community.

Below is the quick access to my "Quick Info 2016", with my classes & events held in Stockholm and in Gävle, Sweden. Below that, read more about me and the Nia Stockholm community.




♦♦♦♦ Q U I C K   I N F O  2 0 1 6  <------->   Q U I C K   I N F O  2 0 1 6 ♦♦♦♦



Priser & Klasser på Dansstudio1, Vårterminen 8e Januari - 1a Juni: 

Onsdagar kl.17, 18 ggr 2160 kr, klasser mellan 13 jan- 1 juni. Ej klass 3/2, 22/3, 27/4.
Söndagar kl17, 12 ggr 1680 kr, klasser mellan 17 jan - 8 maj. Ej klass 31/1, 20+27/3, 24/4, 1/5.
Fredagar kl12, 18 ggr 2160 kr, klasser mellan 8 jan - 20 maj. Ej klass 25/3 och 6/5. En Community klass*, se mer info nedan.



Ons/Sön el Fred/Sön (30 ggr, 2 gg/v) 3000 kr
Ons/Fred (36 ggr, 2 gg/v) 3420 kr
Ons/Fre/Sön (48 ggr, 3 gg/v) 4200 kr

Övriga klippkort:
10 ggr 1500 kr
15 ggr 2015 kr
5 ggr prova-på 800 kr

DROPIN: 180 kr  (väljer du att köpa kort inom en vecka från dropin, kan du använda den gången också och få ett billigare pris per gång)
Livelihood: 100 kr

Betalning: BG 5553-7435 (JomTrade) eller SWISH på 0708-775483. Rabatt för studenter, pensionärer & sjukskrivna 25%, för minst 15 ggrkort mot intyg. 
Övrigt, se villkor under varje klass.


My classes in Stockholm are on Wednesdays at 5 PM, Sundays at 5 PM and on Fridays at 12 AM. My class in Gävle are on Mondays at 7 PM, courses starting on January 8th 2016. Dropins are welcome, 180 kr, Livelihood 100 kr. 

For dropins, availabilty & info, please mail to or text me on: +46-708-775483 



KOM OCH LÅT DIG ÖVERRASKAS! En Community Class eller en Gemenskapsklass, delas av oss lärare mellan de olika fredagarna. Följande Nia Stockholm-lärare kommer att dyka upp i vår: Angela D'Orazio, Ulrika Didriksdotter Berglund, Åsa Georgii, Marie Swartling Philip, Lena Gabrielsen, Josephine Carr och Katarina Fischer, mfl.

FREDAG KL12.00, 18 ggr, med start 8e januari 2016.
Kurskostnad 2160 kr. Klasser mellan v.01-21. Ej klass 25/3 och 6/5.
Dropin 180 kr, Livelihood 100 kr. Kombinationskort finns ihop med andra dagar, se ovan.

Our Nia Stockholm Teacher Community Class continues. Every Friday lunch at 12.00, any of us Nia Stockholm teachers are there and guides the class.
Classes between 8 Jan - 20 May, 18 classes. No class 25/3 and 6/5. Course cost is 2160 kr, dropin 180 kr, livelihood 100 kr.
Combo cards are available, see above.

ADRESS/ADDRESS: Dansstudio1, Frejgatan 41, Stockholm City.
Sms:a mig dropin och dörrkod: 0708-775 483.
Text me for dropin & door code: +46-708-775 483.



A Taste of Grace & Joy Workshop, 11 AM- 06.00 PM, with Ann Christiansen, 13 February, 2016. 
See more info under My Events.
Place: Allaktivitetshuset i Sundbyberg, Sturegatan 10, Sundbyberg.



MÅNDAGAR Kl.19 /MONDAYS at 7 PM:  Klasser mellan 18 jan - 14 mars, 9 ggr /Classes between 18/1 - 14/3, 9 times. 
Betalning & anmälan sker direkt till Söder Källa, maila till:
För anmälan till dropin, maila till

ADRESS: Söders Källa, Södra Kanslig.22, Gävle


Dropin 180 kr, Test cards 5x, 10x, 15x, 1 class /week, 2 classes /week or 3 classes /week + more combinations available.

PAYMENT DETAILS: BG 5553-7435 (JomTrade), SWISH: 0708-775 483, or if not in Sweden, pay through PAYPAL:

For more info on classes,events & costs, read more under each class, under My Classes, or under ech event, under My Events.

For more info & costs in Gävle, see Söders Källa, or mail to


S i g n  u p  for  Nia in Stockholm  N E W S !?

Mail to: for the Nia Stockholm News.
 Nia Stockholm Newsletters are generally released in February, May, August and November, with special event editions in between. 


Search for and like the "NIA STOCKHOLM" page on Facebook for updated info on classes, events etc in the Stockholm & surroundings area.

* TWITTER? You can add @NiaStockholm to get more feed for yourself and we will add you back. Join the growing Nia comunity on Twitter!

On both Facebook and Twitter you will get our Nia Stockholm news, educations and musings from us around Stockholm - on a local, national and global level.
In the city of Stockholm you'll find me, Angela; in Vasastan/City and somtimes in Sundbyberg (5 km NW and Gävle, 170 km N), Ulrika Didriksdotter Bergström in Sickla and Nacka (5 km SE and 10 km SE), Inger Lindell in the Nynäshamn area (60 km S), Kathleen Anderson de Miranda in Uppsala area (70 km N) and Marie Swartling in Haninge area (25 km SE).


*  *  *  *  *


(My  b i o g r a p h y)

Half Swedish and half Italian, born, living and working in Stockholm + in Gävle, Sweden. 

"When I count my blessings, I count you twice"; yes, I am a happy wife, and yes, I am in a wonderful relationship since 2008.

No pro dance background, just always very active and love move & love music; I a lot of disco dancings in my youth, a couple of years of flamenco & sevillanas, some tango trials, and a few years of kick boxing. Pingpong, basket, football... A massage therapist since 1990; today mostly giving classical Swedish massage to my friends & family.

Today daytime, I'm a professional whisky blender, working with my Swedish malt whiskies in my warehouses in Gävle. Working with whisky since more than 20 years, I get to create, to meet a lot of great people, and to travel the world. I do love my life and I love the diversity of it!


(B e f o r e  & when I  m e t  Nia)

Looking back now, I can certainly see something was truly missing in my life.

I was happy. Maybe not a present kind of happy person, but nevertheless. I was more of a in my mind-kind of happy person. That was not bad at all. Still. At the time, I was quite good at, and took pride in, forcing myself to train/move. As you know it too, no pain - no gain. 
I did injuring myself quite often, too. 
This of course, didn't give the best of end training results...

Some years ago, I went to a dance class in London, my great friend Cim had just become a nia teacher.

That class was LOVE at FIRST SIGHT, and I just KNEW immediately I HAD TO GET MORE from where that came from! I decided to become a a teacher, for the simple fact, just to be able to have nia as much as possible in my life.


(Me & Nia T o d a y)

I and my body loves my "Nia life" of now - and as a result it has started listen to me on a completely different level! Today I feel a warm and comfortable consciusness in my body. And I love to give this gift on, to others who also are in search for it!

All the joy and all the fun - is here. Nia is a unique funcional fitness form: creating a fit body, while having the greatest of times, dancing & moving. 
All benefits are obvious and my body tells me so, too. Nia is on my can't-live-without-it-list. My body has learned what it didn't know then.

Positive muscle memories are, bit by bit, being built up by this joyful and effective training.


(My  weekly  c l a s s e s   and  my Nia Stockholm c o m u n i t y )

Most of the time, I have three to four Nia classes a week. I love creating events and I am often taking initiatives when possible within my comunity. For the moment I'm taking care of Nia Stockholm's general information and the Stockholm teachers schedules.

There's a whole world of fab Nia classes, workshops and trainings out there, at our feet! Lots of serious body knowledge at hand, great dancing buddies all over the globe, and a network that we, whenever we want and need, can to tap into. Indeed fantastic resources. I WELCOME ANYBODY TO JUMP INTO THE NIA POOL WITH ME!


(My  N i a  B i o)

My Brown and Blue Belt was done with nia trainer Helen Terry. My Green Belt training was completed with nia trainer Britta von Tagen and a recent great retake with Ann Christiansen. I completed my White Belt in London with London trainer Dorit Noble. The Body's Way and The 52 Moves/IT Training intro with Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas, Rachael Reisch and Ann Christiansen. The Nia 5 Stages with trainer Laurie Bass. 

I produced the Tribal Workshop for Nia trainer Britta von Tagen, in Stockholm in August 2013, a Playshop with Ann Christiansen in June 2014, and Dance into being Workshop with Black belt 1st degree Saffire Bouchelion in April 2015. 


Here's my 2016 wish for YOU...


Have a great life and enjoy; in search for what that is for You and Your Body, at this and every coming moment...
Enjoy your greatest life you ever can do, and with as much joy as you can - while you can. 

And if your wish and our road happends to cross, I hope we'll meet on the nia dance floor.
 Adding a joyful, sweaty and fun piece of the puzzle, mine and yours.

With Love & Joy,




The  T e a c h e r  M e e t i n g s  (Livelihood Belts meetings):

* Livelihood Belts Meetings with the active Nia Stockholm area teachers and their guests (guest by invitation and for the purpose of being a or becoming a member). Ask for more information on where and when the next Livelihood Belt meetings are.


Some of Nia Stockholm's P a s t Events thoughts -->:

* In Nia Stockholm we arranges various jam dancing sessions with more teachers and many choreographies; amongst other a Womens Day Jam, a Nia HalloweenJam and a Nia's 30 years Jam. Sometimes we have given some of the surplus to organisations helping children with cancer, Barncancerföreningarna i Stockholm.


Private teacher, class or group?

In October 2015, we had 40 nurses dancing a 2 hours workshop in Högbo bruk. In january 2016 around 20 gym trainers at Korpen Gävle....
Let me know if you are looking for a private Nia course for yourself or for a group. ​Looking for a Nia teacher for a company occasion? Contact me on 



My Locations

Location Link
House of Shapes
Hornsgatan 103, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this location
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this location
Söders Källa Gävle
Södra Kansligatan 22, 802 52 Gävle, Sverige
view this location
Allaktivitetshuset i Sundbyberg
Sturegatan 10, 172 31 Sundbyberg, Sverige
view this location
Mackmyra Whiskyby/Whisky Village
Kolonnvägen 2, Gävle, Sverige
view this location
Folkets Hus Sundbyberg
Sturegatan 12c, Sundbyberg, Sverige
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My Nia Classes

Day(s) Timesort icon Location Link
Wednesday 5:00pm - 6:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this class
Sunday 5:00pm - 6:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this class
Friday 12:00am - 1:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
view this class
Monday 7:00pm - 8:00pm Söders Källa Gävle
Södra Kansligatan 22, 802 52 Gävle, Sverige
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.

My Events

Title Starts Location Link
A Taste of Grace & Joy with Ann Christiansen 02/13/2016 - 11:00am Allaktivitetshuset i Sundbyberg
Sturegatan 10, 172 31 Sundbyberg, Sverige
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